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• Radiofrequency is a type of energy, determined
by the number of wavelengths emitted per
second and classified according to their
frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum.
Radiofrequency is considered one of the calmer
waves on the electromagnetic spectrum and
helps with slimming by producing heat safely,
which can safely penetrate the skin’s deep layer
to induce it to produce more collagen and
elastin, helping you achieve tighter skin for a
slimmer look.
• Can be for face, double chin, arms, tummy, and
• Can be done 3x a week or once a week. Perfect
for a pre event preparation for slimmer and
tighter look.
• No aftercare just don’t drink cold water for a
day or two. And no wetting of the area for 4-6
hours after.
• The procedures may work best for people who
have a moderate weight.

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