Lip Plump

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7,000 succeeding session (to be done only by prime master artist)

• This technique is an innovative, entirely non-
invasive and needle-free technique whereby Hyaluronic Acid is deposited directly into the skin
through pressure.
• This treatment may be performed on:
• Correcting deep nasolabial folds
• Correct deep marionette lines
• To correct uneven lips, attract water retention on
lips, or even give lips a little bit of plump for that
extra sexy pout.

• Results are visibke immediately after. HA
retention on skin is 6-12 months. But retouch was
done after 2 month, 1-2 years can we achieved.
• Before procedure care: refer on after care sheet
• After treatment care:
• Avoid eating salty, spicy and malansa.
• Avoid extreme temperatures (hot or cold)
• No drinking alcohol, smoking and kissing for 24 hrs.
• If there are lumps, massage it
• No application of lipstick for 24h
• Avoid strenuous activities, laser treatments,
chemical peels, and facials while there is still
swelling and redness.

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