Korean BB Glow

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This treatment is a nanoneedling procedure that involves inserting
semi-permanent BB cream ampoule (not the make-up!) into the skin. This Korean beauty trend lasts from 6 to 12 months and is meant to
make the skin look like it does when you've applied the
perfect BB cream with your Beauty Blender. Korean BB Glow was pioneered in the Philippines by Eyebrowdery in 2015. The perfect
adjective is not whiter but fresher!
• Active ingredients
• Arbutin
• Niacinamide/vit b3
• Stem cell
• Collagen
• EGF (epidermal growth factor)
• Aftercare:
• No sun exposure for 7 days (ie: beach, sun tanning, etc)
• Mineral make-up with spf 50 may be applied the next day
• No washing of the face after the procedure, let it sit
• No scrubbing or using harsh chemicals on face for 7 days.
• Advisable number of treatments: at least 3. while there is an
immediate effect, longevity will depend on how many sessions you
have done.
• What can be done and complements with this treatment;
MesoWhite, MesoAcne, and MesoSlim
• Treatment includes; oxygen facial, impurities suction scrubbing,
led mask treatment, sheet mask treatment, bb treatment, and
• Procedure: 45 mins to 1 hour

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