Eyelash Self Growth (2 Sessions)

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This method is done for natural lashes to produce longer and thicker hair strands
  • Perfect for people who have short and sparse lashes
  • Machine procedure is done using nanoneedles
  • This procedure does not hurt at all despite the needles. The technique used is just abrasion on the lashline kind of like diamond peel for the face feeling.
  • This procedure can be combined with eyeliner to. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone
  • Stem cell is used for the procedure with the said component, and EGF for no stem cell
  • There’s an extra take-home stem cell serum for client who availed of ESG w stemcell
  • Clients may see effects after two months
  • While waiting for the effect, clients may experience itchiness due to growing hair strands
  • Procedure time:1 hour
  • Interval: 4 weeks

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