EyeBRO Eyebrowdery

This method fills the natural strands of men to make them look more manly and more pogi ;)
  • Perfect for men who have very sparse and undefined brows
  • Manual technique is used
  • Excess hair is placed if the client requests for a super natural look for that manly vibe of not having too clean eyebrows look
  • Ink used: organic pigments and never brown
  • Longevity: 2-5 years
  • Procedure time: 2-3 hours

Major Eyebrow After Care


All have brow procedure have free touch-up session (unless specified in the promo that it doesn’t) within 60 days.

4 weeks after is the soonest they can have them retouched.

• For OFW clients, we can map out their schedule
for their procedure to properly plan if we have to make special arrangements for early retouching arrangements.
• After care kit includes; Vit A&D ointment, AfterInked (for better color retention), and Tegaderm
• Clients may be makulit when healing (healing stage is on the attached image)
• Prior to any SPMU procedure(including lips, eyeliner, etc), please always advise clients to;
• Stop taking vit E, fish oil, ibuprofen, aspirin, and any blood thinning medications 3-5 days prior.
• Advise to not drink 24 hours before
• Make sure to not have a monthly period on the day of the procedure.
• Get enough sleep