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Pamper Time: My Ready-to-Smooch Pink Lips by The Eyebrowdery


Last week, I was one of the few bloggers who were invited for an intimate Bloggers Day at The Eyebrowdery Greenhills. My first thoughts before going there is that, everybody is getting their eyebrows done! I was actually invited during the first Bloggers Day but I wasn’t able to join. Anyways, I was very excited because I’m frustrated styling my brows. But to my surprise, The Eyebrowdery offers services other than eyebrow sessions.




I was born with a pouty lips. Some people say that it’s my asset. While some others say that I also have long-curled lashes, I agree that most of the time, people notice my lips. Having said that, I’m really frustrated how to make it more natural wherein I don’t have to use too much lipstick or lip stain to look nice. I hate my pale bare lips. I look like a zombie or a sick dying person without lipstick on. My friends always tend to ask if I’m feeling okay whenever my lip make up fades! Haha. So yeah, I took the risk to have thisMake-out-proof Lip Job Embroidery session.