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Joined Eyebrowdery’s Bloggers’ Day


I may not be the beauty-queen-type of mom but I have always been thankful about the way I look. I am sure the other mommies reading this post will also identify with me if I say that how I look is the last thing on my mind on a regular mommy-day. But there can be times when you would play in your mind how you want to look with long, curly hair, longer eyelashes, fairer skin or flatter tummy (that’s me, thinking out loud).

And so it was encouraging to have known that Eyebrowdery was established to offer the most innovative way of putting permanent make-up on mommies’ beautiful faces, with materials coming from all natural plant extracts, organic, environment friendly and 100% safe.

picture1Definitely liking their nails services with regular manicure, gel manicure, chrome nails and nail whitening services offered. There is also the Little Onesies Princess Treatment that will allow your small daughters to enjoy mani/pedi services with mommy.

picture2Make-up embroidery has become known in fashion forward countries like Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and a whole lot more. Miss Klarisse Tabao (pictured above), CEO of the Eyebrowdery, who has keen sense in beauty, fashion, and who is naturally ‘kikay’, took up classes in Singapore from a very famous school when it comes to embroidery, Aesthetics International Academy.