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The Inside Look: Eyebrowdery Greenhills

Have you seen that edited photo where celebrities got no brows? and if you haven’t I’ll show you just to creep you out LOL and of course, for you to realize how important brows are!



It’s waaaay scary right?  brows are really important that’s why we tend to make it perfect no matter what, eyebrows frame the face, and is also important to human communication and facial expression plus having good brows makes a person look fresher and younger!

We spend on luxurious make-up and sacrifice extra time sleeping in the morning for the blending of the foundation, choosing the perfect lippie, lining that exasperating eyeliner wing and of course, carefully drawing that eyebrows so they would be even.

but then Eyebrowdery came… say hello to a totally safe permanent makeup!


What is Eyebrowdery and What do they offer?


Eyebrow+ Embroidery = Eyebrowdery (what a witty name!) 

They offer natural looking permananet makeups!

Eyebrowdery: Shading, 3D+Shading, 3D, Eyebro for men, Fine Tune

is semi-permanent and can last from 2years up to 5! By adding natural colored pigment from plant extracts to the skin (usually brownish or grayish in tone.)

This technique fills in empty spots on your brows to give them a full and flawless look. After tracing out the area where the desired brow should be, the entire area is filled in with hair-like pigments.

aside from perfecting eyebrows, they also do other permanent make up to suit your beauty needs!

Eyeliner Embroidery: Upper Peepers, Lower Peepers,Fine Tune

Make-out proof lip job /  Lipstick Embroidery:  Lipliner, Lipliner + Lipstick, Fine Tune

Other Services:

Eyebrow Tinting,

Lash Extension,

 Eyelash perming,

Threading, Shaving and Nails and Spa Services



Eyebrowdery was recently featured on a magazine!