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Your 3D Permanent Make –Up Specialists await you at The Eyebrowdery!


The Eyebrowdery was established to offer the most innovative way of putting permanent make-up on your glorious faces and we are very proud to say that our materials come from natural plant extracts thus making it very organic, environment friendly, and 100% safe!


Our Vision is to become the leading and most innovative 3D technology permanent make-up specialist in the country thus beautifying each and every individual by giving them the satisfactory feeling of waking up with a make-up!


Make-up embroidery has become known in fashion forward countries like Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and a whole lot more. Miss Klarisse Tabao, CEO of The Eyebrowdery, who has keen sense in beauty, fashion, and who is naturally  “kikay”, took up classes in Singapore from a very famous school when it comes to embroidery, Aesthetics International Academy. Miss Dolly Tan, the principal,  has highly commended Miss Klarisse Tabao for her natural skills in beautifying everything she touches thus giving the owner a Diploma in Permanent Make – Up Embroidery. She is now taking this technology in the Philippines as every Filipina deserves to be beautiful all the time.


The Eyebrowdery offers exceptional services on permanent yet natural looking make-up to enhance better what’s already beautiful! It serves almost all women’s need for beauty maintenance such as eyebrow tinting, waxing, threading, shaving, plucking, manicure, pedicure, eyelashes extension and many more. We got everything covered for you!
Choose from our finest selection of services for eyebrows, eyeliner, eyelashes, lips, nails and more. We promise you that each is customized for each and every customer thus a natural look is always achieved!


We take pride in beautifying each client and making them feel special in every way, so experience The Eyebrowdery and we guarantee it’s not just good one, but a very fabulous one!
Eyebrowdery CEO Make Up Academy
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CEO Profile:


Klarisse Tabao is a graduate of Entrepreneurs School of Asia previously known as Thames International Business School with a degree in BS Business Administration Major in Marketing. She’s the epitome of “kikay” and has always wanted to make everything beautiful. She believes that beauty is all about artistry and class.  She knows and understands how a lot of women feel about their looks when undone, she spent many sleepless nights thinking of ways on how to transform make-up into a permanent thing while looking very natural on one’s face so they can always wake up feeling really beautiful, confident and ready to face the day!


She studied Make-up Embroidery which is all the rave about in countries like Singapore, Japan, Korea,Canada, United States of America, and all the other fashion forward countries and cities around the globe. And now, it’s  the Filipina’s turn to enjoy this privilege and add on to our naturally acquired beauty queen looks that most people admire from all across the globe.


She studied Eyebrow, Eyeliner, and Lips Embroidery in Aesthetics International Academy in Singapore which specializes in all kinds of beauty services and was coached by Miss Dolly Tan who is known globally for her embroidery prowess. Miss Dolly praises Klarisse for her natural skills when it comes to beautifying anything she touches.
When she got in the Philippines, she trained her beauty specialists herself with the knowledge she acquired from one of the safest and pioneers of the said technology and is very much ready to make it a point to make each and every Filipina look their best all the time!

Beautifying women is my mission, seeing perfect eyebrow as my inspiration!