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    Just want to share the procedure of my new 3D eyebrows! I was lucky enough to try the new "Eyebrow Embroidery" by The Eyebrowdery & I absolutely love it! I highly recommend it to those who are always on the go or to anyone who's lazy to do their eyebrows everyday. I've always struggled with thin eyebrows & this just saved me time and money! You can either go for the more natural look or the one they call "Shading" which makes your brows look already made up. No need for eyebrow pencils! Unlike regular eyebrow tattoos, The Eyebrowdery uses vegetable dye. The owner, Klarisse Tabao, does the procedure herself. I love her technique & the way she made my eyebrows look 10x better! The result is semi-permanent. But the good news is, it'll last you 3-5 years. You'll get a free retouch after a month or 2 after the procedure. First, they measured my eyebrows then they shaped it the way i want it. It looks funny at first cause of how dark it is but it fades & peels off after 7days. The picture at the end of the video was taken the day after. I don't have an updated selfie but It's been over a week now, it already faded & I couldn't be happier with my new brows! ‪#‎EyebrowsOnFleek ‬‪#‎eyebrowdery‬

    - Ashley Rivera

    Eyebrowdery truly makes my girl relaxed and happy, aside from quality service.. they cater also to the clients companion.. making sure that they are attended to like serving (snacks) and reading materials, making sure that the client is happy and the companion doesnt bore their selves to death while waiting... specially the boys that tag along

    - Day Dyangco

    The service is good naman, they serve you with a treat then they try to start a conversation

    - Shauna Indra Salina Curran
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